A fast growing market with 23 countries and 600 Million people who share similar languages and cultures.

We all agreed that the region benefited from the global commodities boom, but there’s also plenty of domestic consumption fueling economic activity. The LatAm area was once shunned by many due to the “boom and bust” nature of many of the region’s economies. Thereafter, coherent monetary policies were put in place in some of these countries, and as a result they developed well-capitalized banking systems with healthy credit. By 2007, in fact, direct international investments into LatAm exceeded USD 100 billion – an unprecedented level.

Today we are validating the positive impact of the talented forces that are managing LatAm Governments, Regulatory Agencies, Central Banks, Public and Corporate Pension Funds, Foundations, Endowments, Banks, Family Offices, Fund of Funds, Listed and Private Corporations, Insurance Companies, Private Banking Divisions, Asset Managers, Financial Boutiques, Investment Advisors as well as High Net Worth Individuals in combination with the unstoppable growth of the LatAm middle class.

There is still much to do and we at LatAm Alternatives are delighted to participate in the consolidation process of our region bringing our value proposition to the overall market participants. We speak the language. We know the People. We live the culture. We are LatAm.

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