Seasoned Alternative Investments Firm with expertise in Latin America and the U.S.

LatAm Alternatives is an alternative financial services company established in 2010. Our headquarters is in Coral Gables, South Florida, an area commonly referred to as “The Gateway to Latin America”. Our in-house team is comprised of some of Latin America’s leading and most influential financial professionals, bringing focused end-to-end expertise across all facets of alternative investment advisory, alternative investment education, capital sourcing and allocation, deal-making, project management, legal structuring, marketing and communications and much more.
Also, through our unique educational and consulting services, we help investors, investment professionals, regulators, governments, and businesses upgrade their cross-border skills and gather new insights, tools and relationships to succeed and thrive in the region.


  • Promote smoother flows of capital within and between Latin America and the U.S.
  • Create and distribute Alternative Investments Educational Seminars, Courses and Events.
  • Act in the best interests of investors in Latin American and the U.S. to help them access outstanding asset managers and optimal investments opportunities in the region.
  • Manage and execute the entire end-to-end capital raising process while assisting managers with third-party distribution and private placements.
  • Help governments, regulators and central banks to access and develop talent, harvest new cross-border relationships and attract capital to grow economies and engage in large-scale infrastructure projects.


  • Ethical: We will never cut corners nor engage in inappropriate business practices. Our carefully built reputations and relationships are at stake, and our ethical and moral compass will always remain absolute.
  • Trustworthy: We believe in developing long-term, deep-rooted relationships based on indelible trust with clients, investors and other partners.
  • Credibility: Our work ethic, stellar quality of service, unwavering professionalism and strict code of conduct will enable us to seamlessly connect clients to influential people and opportunities.
  • Client Focus: Our clients’ best interests will always be our own best interests, and we will remain conflict free and aim to always exceed expectations across the entire range of services that we offer.
  • Unique: Generate a synergistic environment that will enable all market participants to interact without boundaries to create a more robust Latin American marketplace.
  • Passion: We are fiery and passionate about our clients, our business and our team. We believe in the power of energy, respect, perseverance, common goals and adhering to core values.

We speak the language. We know the People.

We live the culture. We understand the business.

We are LatAm.

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