Third Party Advisory –
Fund Services

  • Hedge Funds – Access to the widest array of outstanding hedge funds delivering high risk-adjusted returns and low correlation to other investments.
  • Private Equity / Infrastructure – Unlike more traditional asset classes, private equity and infrastructure investments enable investors to participate in the entire lifecycle of a firm, project or sector, while providing additional diversification to portfolios.
  • Long Only / Traditional Manager – Access to an exclusive array of global asset managers offering a wide range of passive and active mutual funds, ETFs and other investments products to institutional investors and clients in Latin America.

Capital Raising for Ventures, Startups, Companies, Funds and SPVs

  • Decades of experience connecting pools of cross-border and offshore capital to firms, funds and other entities requiring additional investment.
  • Assist with valuation, deal structure, decks, placement memorandums, and all aspects of execution.

Access to Unique Investments Opportunities Across Latin America (VENEZUELA and CUBA)

  • Participate the region’s vibrant growth, including potential hyper-growth frontier markets such as Venezuela and Cuba.

Alternative Investments Seminars, Courses, Events and more

  • Our Innovating Events deliver a unique curriculum that we build based on years of experience with data, technology, actionable trading ideas, quantitative research, artificial intelligence, pattern recognition, fundamental valuation theories, best financial practices, ethical approach all together and linked with the most up to date and best industry service providers.
  • When joining our network, we will transfer you our access to selective events and meetings that showcase unparalleled financial information and trends within the global asset management space.

Custom Advisory to Governments and Companies

  • Debt restructuring
  • Debt renegotiation
  • Financial reengineering
  • Attract global investments and world-class companies.

Integrated Sales and Marketing Services

  • In-house and seamlessly bundled with other services including capital raising, advisory and more.
  • Sales outsourcing to test new markets anywhere in the Americas region.
  • Expert, full-service marketing, communications and PR services.

We speak the language. We know the People.

We live the culture. We understand the business.

We are LatAm.

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